Rodding Adhesive

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    Rodding Glue Cartridges

    Prevent granite fractures. Use Rod-It
    • Strengthening glue for granite rodding. Ideal for embedding rods into damp stone
    • Bonds fiberglass, cold rolled steel, stainless steel rods, and Ready Rod
    • Increases flexural strength of natural stone countertops by as much as 100%
    • Reduces overall costs by increasing fabrication efficiency and speed
    • Cures in approximately 16 minutes at room temperature
    490ML Rod-It Strengthening Glue
    SKU: GW 4000 500
    12 Cartridges per Case
    Each cartridge comes with 4 QUADRO Mixers
    • Bonds Fiberglass, Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel Rods, Ready Rod
    • Increases Flexural Strength by as much as 100%
    • Provides Consistent Performance
    • Decreases Labor and Saves $$$
    • Embeds Rods in Damp Stone
    • Reduces Wasted Glue
    • Eliminates Call Backs
    • Speeds Production
    490ml Standard Grade Dispenser 10:1
    SKU: GW 5500 500
    VBM-400X MR 10 to 1 ratio dispensing gun
    • Mechanical Advantage 26:1
    • Side Loading Frame -Accurate Cartridge Placement
    • Use for all 490ml 10-1 Cartridges
    • Wear Compensating Device
    • All Component Replaceable Parts
    • High Viscosity Materials
    250ml Mixpac Mixer 10:1
    SKU: GW 6000 250
    MFX 8-18 Mixer Tips 10:1 Ratio
    1400 per Case
    • Helical mixing elements for optimum blending
    • High quality Swiss construction
    • Use on 230ml, 250ml 10:1 cartridges
    • Accurate dispensing
    250ML QUADRO Mixer 10:1
    SKU: GW 6300 250Q
    QUADRO 8-24 Mixer Tips 10:1 Ratio
    750 per Case
    • Box shaped mixing elements
    • High quality Swiss construction
    • Use on 230/250/470/490 ml 10:1 cartridges
    • Accurate dispensing
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