Undermount sink hardware for Corian, Cambria and Granite countertops

Undermount Sink ClipUsing these undermount kits for installing stainless and ceramic sinks in countertop applications has been around for quite awhile.

Whether its a Corian, Granite or Quartz countertop like Silestone- they provide a quick and easy way to bond a mechanical fastening device to the underside of the countertop.

There are many ways to accomplish the bond using different types of glue but as a general rule, the application and preparation process are important keys to success whichever adhesive you choose.

I would recommend a toughened acrylic or a fast curing epoxy that will provide impact resistance if you happen to bump the post after it is bonded to the surface. Many fabricators simply use the seaming adhesive itself and this is a great option as well.

When bonding to Natural stones like granite, be sure to remove the contamination left from the quarrying process on the back of the slab. This is best done by grinding down to the meat of the stone and then cleaning away all the dust and slurry that can be embedded in the rough underside of the slab. If you fail to do this, any bond you do create will be extremly suseptible to failure. Even on Solid Surfaces like Corian, removing contaminants and increasing the surface area by way of abrasion (sanding) will greatly improve the ultimate bond strength. These general guidelines and can be applied in many situations if you want to increase the overall strength of almost any bond.

We are now supplying the hardware kits available for purchase on our website-visit the product page right here.

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undermount sink accessory kit

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  1. rich brockunier | May 21, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Where can I buy the mounting brackets fo undermount sinks shown on this sight, and how much do they cost?

  2. Awesome!!! What is the price of these products??

  3. Does Anyone Know where can I buy these Clips from the UK?
    Or can anyone give me a price to ship 10 sets (1 Box) to the UK????

  4. No one can fit there sinks without these accessories. What is the price??

  5. Exactly what I’m looking for. How fast do you ship?

  6. looking for methods of repairing stainless steel sinks that fall down from granite countertops that have ONLY been glued into position. I am interested in your adhesive clips and curious as to what adhesive to use for repair

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