Solid Surface glue color matches – The Match Factor

Match Factor

Seam-It’s unique Match Factor process is the first of its kind for Solid Surface Fabricators. We have cut, seamed and finished each of the top selling brands and colors using Glue Warehouse’s exclusive new process.

At, you can find great color matches for  Corian, Cambria, Livingstone, HiMacs, Staron, Avonite, Formica, Gibraltar and many more.

Our adheives color-match rating system helps you identify quickly and easily which Seam-It glue works best for the Solid Surface job at hand. In many cases, you also have a second option that can be accurately considered by using its Match Factor.

Fabricators have told us they felt uncomfortable using manufacturers color charts, as some colors worked and some didn’t. You can feel secure using our color charts knowing we have personally done the hard work of testing each and every color listed with a Match Factor.

How it Works:
We have graded our solid surface glue matches by seaming test pieces together leaving an open gap at one end. The quality of the color match is then rated on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.

A glue line that is invisible for 7/10 of the overall seam receives a Match Factor of 7

This is an example of Staron Sanded Vermillion glued with Seam-it Boston Cream.solid surface glue color match factor We would call this a “B” match.
If you cannot see the glue line for the entire length of the seam, even at the end with the gap -it gets a Match Factor of 10- an A+ Match

So What?
Armed with Glue Warehouses Match Factor, you can reduce your costs and streamline your inventory.

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