Silco Color Matched Silicone Available on features Sil-Bond RTV 4500 by Silco Incorporated. Silco Incorporated specializes in the development, manufacturing, and packaging of silicone and hybrid products.

Excerpt below from their website:

Silco Incorporated has been developing and manufacturing advanced silicone and hybrid products for twenty years at our headquarters in Mentor, Ohio. Our products are thoroughly tested to assure they meet the most stringent design and performance requirements for commercial, industrial, and residential construction applications.

Silco Incorporated carries market-driven products, as well as customized products for specific markets and customers.  Their products are developed and continually upgraded by a team of silicone and hybrid experts. offers Sil-Bond in both translucent and solid colors, providing an excellent match to the top surfacing material brands.

See’s silicone options here.

Silco silicone adhesive

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  1. I have used Silco in the past and I liked the removable tip.
    Recently, my Silco silicone tubes don’t have that feature.
    Why?? Looking foreward to your reply. Thanks.

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