Rod-It Strengthening Glue on

roditlogoReinforcing granite and other natural stone countertops is an important part of the fabrication process. By rodding the material around cutouts for faucets, sinks, and other areas, fabricators can increase the flexural strength of the stone, significantly reducing the chance of breaks or cracks. Less cracks means more time and money saved and less dissatisfied customers.

When rodding granite, there is no better option than Rod-It strengthening glue by With a 16 minute cure time at room temperature and the ability to embed rods into damp stone, Rod-It increases job efficiency and reduces overall job costs.  When combined with mixing and dispensing equipment, Rod-It allows for significantly less waste than hand-mixed glues and provides a consistent mix for consistent performance.

Rod-It bonds fiberglass, cold rolled steel, stainless steel and Ready Rod which increases the flexural strength of natural stone countertops by as much as 100%. This strength and efficiency allows fabricators to produce a quality product and eliminates call backs for damaged or failed stone.

In order to prevent granite fractures, use Rod-It.  See Rod-It and Rod-It accessories here.

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