Creating a Stealthy Seam- the best way to minimize seam appearance.

Match Factor 7 Small - tight fit and invisible seams

While it is always best to use the recommended glue color match, it is not always possible. Stealth is a glue specially formulated to work on many different sheet colors.  It is recommended to always have some on hand as it will get you by in a pinch.  Stealth blends in to match the surfacing material when a nice tight fit is achieved for seams and laminations.






Follow the instructions below to achieve a tight fit and near invisible seams:


  • Machine both edges to be seamed.
  • The seams or edges should fit tight when dry fitted.
  • A good dry fit should have no visible voids along its entire length.
  • Clean seams or edges with denatured alcohol with a clean white rag.
  • Use tape on the bottom of the seams so the adhesives do not come in contact with the table.
  • Clamp the seams together; make sure there is glue squeeze out along the entire seam (Do not over tighten clamps!).
  • Remove cured glue squeeze out with a router on “skis,” a surface leveler, or a random orbital sander.
  • Do not scrape, chisel, or use belt sander on seam.
  • Finish sanding to complete.

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