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When I am not sticking something together, I enjoy anything on 2 wheels with a motor, hunting, fishing, the NHL and most of all, being a husband and a father to two wonderful kids.

Adhesive cure speed- an explanation.

The cure speed of an adhesive is an important consideration for any countertop fabricator. A good understanding of cure speed will help to plan for complex part assemblies and maximize the throughput on the shop floor. There are two main … Continue reading

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Choosing the proper adhesive for your countertop materials.

The key thing to remember when choosing an adhesive for a particular job is that there is no substitute for physical testing. Adhesive manufacturers perform extensive test protocols on substrates and provide empirical data in the form of a Technical … Continue reading

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Creating a Stealthy Seam- the best way to minimize seam appearance.

While it is always best to use the recommended glue color match, it is not always possible. Stealth is a glue specially formulated to work on many different sheet colors.  It is recommended to always have some on hand as … Continue reading

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Dual component acrylic adhesive cure issues-cause and effect.

When dealing with dual component adhesives such as Seam-it™, there are a number of variables within the system that all work together to ensure a proper ratio mix and even cures. This is especially true when considering cartridge based delivery … Continue reading

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The SciGrip Solar Boat- Structural Adhesives in Marine applications

SciSGrip wins First in Class at the 2014 DONG Energy Solar Boat Challenge The SCIGRIP Solar Boat crew consisted of a dedicated group of engineers with a vast knowledge of the marine industry, composites technology and the application of specialist … Continue reading

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