New 250ml Glue Gun for Solid Surface Adhesive

New 250ml Glue Gun for Solid Surface Adhesive The new gun that we are selling (and giving away) is performing beyond our expectations.

We sourced this 250ml solid surface adhesive gun in order to give our customers a reliable, durable and economical option when purchasing a universal dispensing gun for 250ml glue cartridges.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are dispenser models out in the market that can cause major glue issues. They have been designed to make the cartridges leak and cause off ratio cure issues.  If your gun is orange and black with the model number 18-260, we do not recomend it be used with any of the following glue brands:

Seam-it, Plexus, HiMacs, Gruber, Avonite, Formica, Gibraltar, Confiad, or Artisan

If you suspect you gun is causing glue issues, give us a call and ask about our dispensing gun refit program. We are offering exceptional deals on getting your shop outfitted with the best universal dispensing guns available.

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